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Pure Law Solicitors operate We are the leading prison law firm for Recall, Parole, Adjudications, Early release on Home Detention Curfew and Re-Categorisation. We have a highly experience team of Prison Lawyers with in excess of 30 year experience in this specialist field. Contact our office now to see how we can help you or a loved one.

For Prisoners that have received custodial sentences of less than 4 years, there is the possibility of early release on tag.
If the prisoner has received a sentence of more than 4 years please click her for our re categorisation / Move to Open Prison page.
In real terms this means that if a successful application is made then prisoners can be released up to x months early subject to being released to a suitable address and abiding by an electronically monitored curfew.

Unfortunately many prisoners are miss informed that the provision of an eligibity date for HDC on a sentence calculation sheet means that have automatically been awarded early release. This is not the case.

In order for a detainee to be released on Home Detention Curfew a successful application must be made to the prison. The prison will consider this application and make a determination as to weather the applicant can be released early. The Policy framework for Home Detention Curfew is regularly updated and it is important that you instruct a practioner who is both aware of it and its implications on any application for Home Detention Curfew.

Home Detention Curfew Appeals There is a statutory right to appeal a refusal to allow a defendant home detention curfew. If you have been refused an application for home detention curfew you can contact us to lodge and appeal for you.

Case Study:


We were able to book a prompt video link appointment to discuss the case with the detainee and take instructions. It was quickly apparent that all of the criteria for allowing home detention curfew were met and the reasons for the refusal were simply not justified. We obtained a number of documents from the detainee and lodged a length formal appeal document addressing all of the relevant points in the relevant PSI. We obtained further documentation from the detainee regarding the successful completion of his sentence plan and additional certificates. The detainee was granted Early Release on appeal. This enabled him to return to his girlfriend and child 3 months earlier.



Detained had been wrong advised that he could not have home detention curfew as he was presumed unsuitable. He contacted Pure Law Criminal Defence Solicitors for clarification. We explained the exceptional circumstances route to HDC. After detainee focused representations he was released on HDC 6 weeks prior to his previously given release date.

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